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Rosemary Wells Collection

Rosemary Wells


A permanent collection of the works of author and illustrator Rosemary Wells is located at the East Northport Library. 

This collection was created to honor the memory of Jacqueline Herchenroder, a talented and much-loved children’s librarian who passed away in 1996.  Rosemary Wells was a favorite author of Mrs. Herchenroder.  Ms. Wells visited the library in November, 1997 to dedicate this collection.

The purpose of this collection is to acquire books written and illustrated by Rosemary Wells.  A representative sample of games and realia and works written or illustrated by others but in her style are also included.  A complimentary research component includes signed copies of books, original art, posters and other memorabilia for use by serious researchers.

On a subsequent visit in 1999, she dedicated her book Streets of Gold to Mrs. Herchenroder’s memory.  During her visit in 2006, Ms. Wells had an opportunity to see the Library’s “Read To Your Bunny” corner.  She also spoke about her new book My Shining Star:  Raising a Child Who Is Ready to Learn.

This collection, including an original galley copy of Here Comes Mother Goose, is to be enjoyed in the library.  Ms. Wells has generously donated original art to the collection. 


about rosemary wellsAbout Rosemary Wells

A short biography of Rosemary Wells.

RM2Read to your Bunny Corner

A special place to enjoy reading with your bunny.

RM3 Activity Corner
Puzzles, games and a browsing collection of her books.

RM4Research Collection
A representation of her works is located near the Activity Center in the Children’s Room of the East Northport Library.

RM5Art in the Rosemary Wells Collection Enjoy some of her art on display in the Children's Room.


Rosemary Wells art






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