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Reflection & Remembrance



In September, 2002, the Northport-East Northport Public Library commemorated September 11, 2001 through a community art exhibition entitled Reflection & Remembrance. Artists of all ages participated in the exhibition which took place in the Gallery of the Northport Public Library from September 8 through September 27, 2002.

Reflection & Remembrance was dedicated to those members of the Northport-East Northport community who lost their lives on September 11, 2001.

The following is a list of works in the exhibition. Click on the link below to see the artwork.

The Towers by Ed Hall
911 by David Jackier
Untitled by Matthew Fuhring
Girl Scouts of America
In Memory of Our Heroes and Loved Ones by George F. Greaves
Unity by Amanda McKenna
Sun Sets on the Twin Towers by Emily Gray Moreno
Still There by James Mehler
Dirge Blues #6 by Dave Green
American Flag by Arleen Richter
9/11 From Where I Stood by Alan Epstein

God’s House at Ground Zero by Mary F. Smith
Flights 11 and 77: We Will Never Forget 9/11/2001! by Geraldine Klein
World Trade Center
by Gaspare Crachi
We The People Respect Diversity: X Marks The Spot Where You Stand by Doris Sjogren Rowe
Phoenix Rising - Ode to the FDNY by Bridget Reynolds
Midst of Adversity by M. Ellen Winter
Heartland by Alicia W. Greene
Grey on Grey by Gloria Jackier
Imagine by Kate Kelly

Amazing Grace by Rosemary A. Furia

Remembrances by Margaret Schlem Sherris
The Visit by Gene Insogna
Untitled by Erin Cressy
Prevailing Human Spirit by Barbara Kelley
Remember by Linda S. Quinn
Awakening by Ray Wolfe
Coming to America - The Human Spirit by Josephine Sammis

The Light That Never Failed by Frank Rupp
Kevin - Lost and Found by Cynthia Tomich
Heartbroken to the Core by Marissa DiGirolamo
Roots of Rage by Alexandra Limmer
I Didn’t Like Watching T.V. That Day by Torey Kouril
Painting by Jodeci M. Sanchez
A Dream by Veronica Rankin
In Loving Memory by Anastasia Beck
Liberty and Justice by Erene Delnevo
My America by Gabrielle R. Gatto
Liberty Lives On by Cailin Curtis
Agonistes by Gretchen Carney
Respect by Nicholas Baldassarre
Tower by Paul Moreno
I Pledge by Elizabeth McGrail
Self Portrait 911 in My Room by Linda Johansen
No Exit by Joan Fahey
NYC 91201 by Lawrence Agnello
Untitled 9/12/01 by Adam R. Caretsky
Down-Town in Manhattan by Gerard Cleach
9-11 by George Westergaard
Silent Witness, 9.11 by Thomas F. Haynes
Anguish by Anne C. Best
Angel of September 11th by Kristy Milazzo
We Stand Together by Adam Cipoletti
History’s Tears, Time’s Torment by Claudia Preston
Untitled by Sharmila Tredger
Nature’s Doubles, Man Doubled Over by Arthur A. Greenberg
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