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Kerouac, Jack. The Town and the City. Typescript. 3 volumes. Northport-East Northport Public Library, Northport, NY.


In 1964, shortly before Kerouac left Northport for the second time, Northport artist Stanley Twardowicz urged him to leave a sample of his work at the Northport Public Library. Following Twardowicz's suggestion, Kerouac donated this typescript of his first published book to the Library. The work arrived as loose sheets in a shoebox, but is now bound in library buckram. The publisher's setting copy, it contains extensive deletions and many penciled additions in Kerouac's hand, as well as occasional editor's markings in magenta pencil.(A microfilm copy of The Town and the City transcript and a copy of the typescript are available by appointment at the Northport Library Reference Desk).


Kerouac, Jack. Interview by Miklos Zsedely. Transcript of tape recording, April 14, 1964. Northport-East Northport Public Library, Northport, NY, 1964.


The above Jack Kerouac oral history was transcribed by the Library in 1964, shortly after the interview.


Jack Kerouac was interviewed as part of a Northport-East Northport Public Library oral history project established to collect on audiotape the recollections of both those who had special knowledge of Northport's history and notable local residents. Miklos Zsedely, the Library's assistant director, conducted the interview in April 1964 in Stanley Twardowicz's studio at 57 Main Street, Northport. Twardowicz, who was instrumental in convincing Kerouac to participate, was present as well as Northport friends James Schwaner and David and Joan Roberts. To a backdrop of recorded jazz, this informal interview went on for hours.


Kerouac, Jack. Interview by Miklos Zsedely. Transcript of tape recording, April 14, 1964, by Nicholas Maravell. 1984.


Artist Nicholas Maravell transcribed the Kerouac interview 20 years after its taping. Somewhat more detailed than the earlier transcript, it includes a preface in which Stanley Twardowicz relates how he persuaded a reluctant Kerouac to be interviewed.



Kerouac, Jack. Local History Vertical File. Reference Department, Northport Library Building. Northport-East Northport Public Library, Northport, NY.


The Kerouac folders in the local history vertical file feature copies of local newspaper interviews with Kerouac while he lived in Northport and several pieces written afterwards about the author's four years here. There are copies of Kerouac photographs held by the Library, letters written by Kerouac to Stanley Twardowicz, and haiku written and illustrated by Kerouac at a Twardowicz party. One folder contains material about Lowell, Massachusetts, Kerouac's hometown and the setting of several of his books. Information about Kerouac organizations, events, archival collections, Internet resources, and bookstores are also included in the files. The Vertical Files are available for in-library use in the Northport Library building.


Kerouac Photograph Collection. Local History Department. Northport-East Northport Public Library, Northport, NY.


The Library has acquired thirteen photographs from Stanley Twardowicz. Twardowicz shot most of them during a 1967 visit with Kerouac in Lowell. One of Kerouac and Twardowicz was taken by Northport friend Larry Smith in Twardowicz's studio, and two are photographs of artwork created by Kerouac in that studio.



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