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The Beat Hotel. First Run Features, 2011. DVD

1957, Paris. The Latin Quarter. A cheap no-name hotel becomes a haven for a new breed of artists struggling to free themselves from the conformity and censorship of America. Called the Beat Hotel, it soon became an epicenter of the Beat generation.


The Beat Generation. Olive Filma, 2015. DVD & Blu-ray DVD

Steve Cochran stars as Dave Culloran, a woman-hating cop who has much in common with the serial rapist he is pursuing. The paths of the black-hearted cop and the black-gloved stalker converge when Culloran's wife is assaulted by the criminal, becomes pregnant and, not knowing which man is the father, must decide whether or not to keep the baby.


The Beat Generation: An American Dream. WinStar Home Entertainment, 1998. DVD

In the early 1950s a small group of writers and painters gathered in the Bohemian quarters of New York and San Francisco. They voiced their concerns over America's post WWII euphoria in a manner so raucous and colorful that the media took note and dubbed them the Beat Generation. This film portrait of this volatile period of American culture is illuminated perfectly through rare archival footage and interviews with those who lived through and influenced the era.


Big Sur. Ketchup Entertainment, 2013. DVD

In an attempt to heal from the deterioration caused by the pressures of sudden fame and too much alcohol, famous Beat author Jack Kerouac escapes to an isolated, mist-shrouded cabin in the primitive landscape of the Big Sur woods. Instead of finding the peace he desires, he is foiled once again by his own inner demons and sets off on a visceral collision course of paranoia, sex, delirium tremens, misery, and madness.


Heart Beat. Orion Pictures, 2009. DVD

Based on Carolyn Cassady's memoir, the movie disappoints most Kerouac readers. However, it is considered notable as the first major film about the Beat movement.


Jack Kerouac: King of the Beats. Goldhil Video, 2003. DVD

Kerouac's writings took American literature to new levels of creativity and inspired unprecedented social change. Rare documentary footage and interviews with Allan Ginsberg and William Burroughs shed light on the life of this amazing writer.

The Kerouac Connection III
. Gunther's Tap Room, Northport, New York. August 13, 1997. DVD

Each year, with a nudge from poet B.J. Cassidy, local poets and musicians pay homage to Kerouac at Gunther's Tap Room in Northport, New York. Video documentation of the third annual celebration captures the ever-present spirit of Kerouac in Northport.


Kerouac, The Movie. Active Hours Video, 2011. DVD

Beginning with his impoverished Catholic boyhood, through his development as one of the most important modern American authors, to his self-destructive demise at the age of 49, "Kerouac" is both an accurately detailed documentary and a moving drama.


Lowell Blues: The Words of Jack Kerouac. Ferrini Productions, 2000. DVD

Lowell Blues remembers the place Jack Kerouac could not forget. By fusing visual history, language and jazz into a film poem, Lowell Blues illuminates Kerouac's childhood home.

Nine Good Teeth: A Love Story of Secrets, Lies, and the Ties that Bind. Pickled Punk PIctures, 2004. DVD

Late night visits from Jack Kerouac, illicit love affairs, and the occasional murder are just a few of the surprises in this intimate, hilarious, and award-winning portrait of an outspoken and fiercely independent 104-year-old Italian-American woman.

On the Road. MPI Home Video, IFC Films, 2013. DVD & Blu-ray DVD

Traveling cross-country, young writer Sal Paradise has his life shaken by the arrival of free-spirited Dean Moriarty and his girl, Marylou. As they travel across the country, they encounter a mix of people who each impact their journey indelibly.

The Poetable Jack Kerouac. Thin Air Video,1995. DVD

Readings, perfomances and reminiscences of Jack Kerouac, celebrating the Viking publications of The Portable Jack Kerouac, and Selected Letters, 1940-1956.

Pull My Daisy. G-String Enterprise Productions, 1999. DVD

Based loosely on his unpublished play, The Beat Generation, Jack Kerouac supplied the narration for this film by artist Robert Frank. Kerouac created the narration without a script, while viewing the film in an editing studio. The cast includes Allen Ginsberg and Gregory Corso. Originally produced in 1959.

The Source. WinStar TV & Video, 2000. DVD

Award-winning filmmaker Chuck Workman's fast-paced montage documentary takes on the Beat Generation. Through film and television clips, interviews with surviving Beat writers and contemporaries, and evocative readings of Beat literature (Johnny Depp reads Kerouac), the Beat period and the counterculture movements it influenced come to life.


The Source: The Story of the Beats and the Beat Generation. Kino Lorber, 2018. DVD

Traces the rise of the Beat counter-cultural movement in the early 1940s, focusing on the work of three of the movement's most famous writers, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, and William S. Burroughs.


Stanley Twardowicz. By Nicholas Maravell, 1990?. DVD

Set of 5 DVDs. Disc 3 contains an interview with Jack Kerouac in Northport New York, 1964.


What Happened to Kerouac. Richard Lerner Productions, 2012. DVD

A lively and revealing investigation into the personal history and creative process of the father of the Beat Generation. A pivotal figure of the fifties counter-cultural revolution whose influence is still being felt all over the world. Documentary originally produced in 1986.




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