Annual Library Vote 2024

Budget Vote Results: 415 Yes, 67 No. Congratulations to Jacqueline Elsas (5-year term) and Lisa Herskowitz (1-year term) on their election to the Library Board of Trustees.


Donations & Gifts

When you make a charitable contribution, you want to be sure that your money will be used effectively to improve the quality of life in your community. A gift to the Northport-East Northport Public Library is an excellent way to enhance library services for the Northport- East Northport community area. We are always happy to discuss options with you so that your gift can truly reflect the spirit in which it was given. For further information about giving a gift to the Library, please contact the Library Director.

Donation Opportunities

There are many reasons to give to the Library. Donations can be made to purchase library materials, equipment, or to sponsor library programs. Direct donations can be either cash, check or credit card.

Many fine works of art have been acquired through the generosity of the Northport-East Northport community.

One way in which community members may contribute to their community is through the donation of money to enhance the Library's book collection.

The Library accepts donations of books and audiovisual materials. Donated items are carefully reviewed to assure that they are appropriate to the Library's mission and relevant to the collection. Materials donated to the Library will be added to the collection if they meet the same standards as the materials purchased for the collection and are in good physical condition.

The Library is able to accept one box of donated materials at a time, exclusive of textbooks or magazines. In some cases, your donations may be used to replace the worn copies already in our collections. We may send materials that we cannot use to neighboring libraries. We look forward to receiving your donations.

Gifts in memory or in honor of a friend or loved one are welcomed. Contributions can be made to purchase library materials. Library staff will carefully select materials and a commemorative book plate will be placed in each item.

Several unique book collections have been established as a result of community donations.

Books, audiovisual materials, and other items, whether new or used, may be donated to either library location. Materials not selected for use in the Library's collection will be sold at Library book sales. A letter of acknowledgement will be sent, and we will state the number of items donated if requested.