Seed Library

Welcome to Your Seed Library


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• Who may take seeds from the Seed Library?

     Anyone with a NENPL library card is welcome to take seeds.

• How many seeds may I take?

     Please only take what you have room to grow. Only take one packet of a given seed

     to ensure availability to others. Please limit yourself to three packets at a time.

• How do I ‘check out’ seeds?

     1. Select the seeds that you would like to take.

     2. Fill out the seed form. This helps us keep track of how many gardeners are using our

     Seed Library, and will help us improve our Seed Library for next year.

• Do I have to return/donate seeds?

     No, but we encourage you to share seeds from plants you have grown with your family,

     friends and neighbors.

Seed Packets are on a first come, first served basis, while supplies last.


Local Organizations

Cornell Cooperative offers gardening support.  Horticulture Hotline (631) 727-4126, Mondays-Fridays, 9am-noon.

Northport Native Garden Initiative

Seeds donated to the library by Seed Savers, High Mowing Seeds, and Hudson Valley Seed Company.  All seeds are organic, non-GMO and heirloom.

Books to help with planting and growing seeds

Seed donated to the library by Seed Savers and High Mowing Seeds. All seeds are organic and non-GMO.