Annual Library Vote 2024

Budget Vote Results: 415 Yes, 67 No. Congratulations to Jacqueline Elsas (5-year term) and Lisa Herskowitz (1-year term) on their election to the Library Board of Trustees.


Harris' Wall Sculpture

Henry Harvey
Northport - Outdoors

This sculpture was commissioned by the Tayler-Stack family to honor their 4 year old son, Harris Christopher, who tragically lost his life.  The artist Henry Harvey, who lives and works in eastern Pennsylvania, translates a whimsical theme of the heavens.  He uses a combination of 32 oz copper for the crescents and cast aluminum coated with copper for the stars and moon for a composition of a heavenly cluster of stars and moons.  The sculpture is part of a reading area “Harris’ Circle of Friends”.  Both were unveiled in the courtyard in May 2006 to celebrate Harris’ 6th birthday.