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Bulletin Board Postings

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In furtherance of the Library’s function to encourage and facilitate the dissemination of information to the Library community and the open exchange of ideas, the Trustees of the Northport-East Northport Public Library shall make available to the Library community a bulletin board for the limited purpose of posting notices of community events or meetings. The bulletin board is not intended to be a forum for public comment, advocacy, advancement of a particular point of view, or posting of repossession/foreclosure notices of other “official” notices of this nature. Notices will, therefore, be limited to announcing the time, location, and purpose of the event, function, or meeting.

  1. A “REQUEST TO POST MATERIAL” application form must be completed prior to being considered for posting by the Director.
  2. Due to limited space, the Library reserves the right to restrict the size, number, and location of posted materials. The time span during which the materials are posted will be determined by the Library.
  3. The Library assumes no responsibility for the content of the notices or materials, nor the preservation, protection, or possible damage or theft of any item posted.
  4. Items posted are done so for informational purposes only. Posting does not imply an endorsement by the Library.
  5. Soliciting funds, except for library purposes, is not permitted.
  6. No organization or individual shall be permitted to place in the Library any box, receptacle, or canister which solicits donations without prior written Library approval.
  7. No poster or display will be permitted which advocates or solicits consideration of any product or item sold by any commercial enterprises.
  8. Posters announcing bazaars or programs sponsored by any local charitable, educational, religious, or fraternal organization may be displayed provided there is room for such display and they are of reasonable size.
  9. Petitions may not be posted in the Library

Materials requested for posting are subject to the discretion of the Library Director on behalf of the

Library Board of Trustees, and may be removed without prior notice.

Adopted 04/1997
Revised 01/15/09. 04/18/19

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