Meeting Room Policy

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  1. Subject to the rules and regulations set forth below, the Meeting Rooms of the Northport-East Northport Public Library located at 151 Laurel Avenue, Northport, and 185 Larkfield Road, East Northport, shall be available to individuals and groups for meetings or presentation of programs, ideas, topics, issues, or entertainment which serve or advance the Library’s purpose of encouraging the free and open exchange of ideas and expression of thought and creativity. 
  2. The primary purpose of the Library’s meeting rooms is to serve as venues for Library sponsored services, programs, and activities. Library sponsored services, programs, and activities shall have priority over all other activities. The Library reserves the right to revoke a meeting room use permit or to reschedule a meeting should there be a conflict with Library related services, programs, or activities; or in the case of an emergency. 
  3. Application to use the Library’s meeting rooms must be made in writing by an adult on the form provided for this purpose at least two weeks in advance of the intended use. The meeting room application form must be signed by a library district resident. No application shall be considered officially approved until it is signed by the Library Director, or other person designated by the Board of Trustees, and returned to the applicant. 
  4. By executing the application, the applicant agrees to the release of the applicant’s name and telephone number to any person requesting information concerning an organization’s activities or programs. 
  5. Due to the limitations of the facility, use of the meeting rooms is restricted to district residents only. 
  6. The applicant must certify that the meeting rooms shall be used only for the specific activity stated on the application and for no other purpose whatsoever. No activity may disrupt Library operations. 
  7. The meeting rooms shall be used for non-profit purposes and shall not be used for conducting business or commercial transactions or for the personal profit of the applicant. 
  8. All meetings and events held in the Library meeting rooms shall, subject to capacity constraints, be open to all library patrons. However, the organization conducting the event or meeting may limit active participation in the event or meeting to members of the organization. Prior to any meeting where active participation is limited to members, the organization shall provide the Library Director with a list of members of the organization. In such event, non-member patrons shall be permitted to observe but not participate in the event or meeting. 
  9. The meeting rooms are available only during hours when the library is open to the public. Library-sponsored programs and activities take precedence in assignment of the meeting rooms and may supersede any program scheduled. 
  10. Use of Library facilities does not imply endorsement of the beliefs or program of an organization by the Library or anyone connected with the Library. All publicity and/or media coverage for events in the Library, whatever the source, must be submitted to the Community Services Librarian for authorization prior to issuance or coverage. The Library may only be mentioned as a location, not as the sponsor of an event nor as the headquarters of an organization, in all announcements or publicity relating to a meeting room event. The Library’s telephone number may not be given to obtain further information regarding a non-library sponsored event. Any literature or other items to be distributed at a meeting must be submitted to the Community Services Librarian at least 48 hours prior to intended distribution. If items intended for distribution are in violation of law or regulation, distribution of same is prohibited. 
  11. The responsibility for the maintenance of public order and safety at a meeting is that of the applicant. Adequate responsible adult supervision shall be provided by the applicant. Groups whose membership includes minors must be supervised by responsible adults. 
  12. The Library may grant permission for the use of Library-owned media equipment if such equipment is avail- able and not scheduled for use at a Library-sponsored program. However, such equipment must be requested at the time of application. 
  13. The Library Director, or designee, is authorized to order the termination of any meeting or activity making use of Library facilities in violation of any law or use regulation. The determination by said Library official is final. The Library Director, or designated representative, is authorized to call upon appropriate security personnel or law enforcement agency to enforce such action if, in the opinion of the Library official, circumstances warrant such an action. Further permission to use the meeting room may be denied to any group which proves to be disorderly or which violates any law or regulation. 
  14. No admissions fees may be charged; no donations may be solicited or accepted; nor may any items be sold. Use of the facilities will not be granted for fundraising purposes, except as may be permissible under law and with the explicit consent of the Library Board of Trustees. Such permission shall be deemed extraordinary. 
  15. The Library is not responsible for the safeguarding of any supplies, equipment, or other items owned by the applicant or by persons attending the applicant’s activity. The Library will not store materials for any applicant. Items left in the Library will be considered abandoned property and will be disposed of in accordance with standard practice. 
  16. People attending functions are restricted to the designated meeting rooms and other public areas. 
  17. There will be no charge for use of the meeting rooms during the Library’s regular hours of opening. Extended use (up to two hours) after the Library’s normal hours of operation may be requested in advance by the applicant. Should such permission be granted, the applicant will incur a charge of $50 for each hour, or fraction thereof, that the applicant intends to use the meeting room. Checks payable to the Library for this purpose must accompany the application. No refunds will be made except in the event of cancellation of the activity by the Library or cancellation of the activity by the applicant at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled activity. 
  18. The meeting rooms must be left in a neat and orderly condition. If not, a written notice will be given to the group that a second offense will result in its being denied further use of the meeting rooms. 
  19. The service of light refreshments is permitted, provided the meeting room is cleaned by the applicant following the program. Prior approval must be given. Alcoholic beverages are specifically prohibited. Vaping, smoking, and use of any incendiary device is not permitted. 
  20. The meeting rooms are not intended for parties and/or celebrations. 
  21. The Library Board of Trustees carries a public liability insurance policy to protect the library in case legal action is brought by any person injured on Library property. It is possible that organizations using the property may be sued for personal injury. Each organization should, therefore, protect itself by having a temporary insurance policy protecting it against such legal action. The signature on the bottom of the application is acknowledgment by the organization that it recognizes this responsibility. 
  22. By execution of the meeting room application, the applicant agrees to indemnify and defend the Northport-East Northport Public Library and its Board of Trustees and employees from any liability or claim arising from the applicant’s use of the meeting rooms, and agrees to hold the library, its Board of Trustees, and employees harmless from any claim, lawsuit, or liability which arises from such use, including but not limited to, any attorney’s fees, costs, or expenses incurred by the library in connection with defending any claim arising from the applicant’s use. 
  23. Additional stipulations may be imposed by the Library, as may be deemed necessary. Final decision on the use of the meeting rooms shall be made by the Library Board of Trustees. The final and sole interpretation of this policy rests with the Library’s Board of Trustees. Implementation and enforcement are delegated to the Library Director. 

Adopted 12/2000
Revised 3/19/19 

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