Annual Library Vote 2024

Budget Vote Results: 415 Yes, 67 No. Congratulations to Jacqueline Elsas (5-year term) and Lisa Herskowitz (1-year term) on their election to the Library Board of Trustees.


Early Literacy

Yellow banner reading "Early Literacy Practices: Help your child get ready to read with simple activities every day."
Green banner labelled "Read"

Read together every day, even if it is only for a few minutes. Many children love to hear the same stories over and over, so find favorites!

Blue banner labelled "talk"

Talk throughout the day to your child. Point out what you are seeing and doing together, and ask lots of questions!

Purple banner labelled "Sing"

Sing songs and nursery rhymes! Rhymes help your child learn new words and develop listening and memory skills.

Orange banner labelled "Write"

Encourage scribbling! Keep crayons and paper on a table where your child can practice.

Red banner labelled "Play"

Have fun together! Playtime helps children learn important language and social skills.