War and Millie Mcgonigle

Karen Cushman

Millie McGonigle lives in sunny California, where her days are filled with beach and surf. It should be perfect--but times are tough. Hitler is attacking Europe and it looks like the United States may be going to war. Food is rationed and money is tight. And Millie's sickly little sister gets all the attention and couldn't be more of a pain if she tried. It's a time of sunshine, siblings, and stress. Will Millie be able to find her way in her family, and keep her balance as the world around her loses its own?


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Lisa Fipps


Bullied and shamed her whole life for being fat, twelve-year-old Ellie finally gains the confidence to stand up for herself, with the help of some wonderful new allies.



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The Shape of Thunder

Jasmine Warga

Estranged from the best friend whose brother killed her sister in a school shooting, a grieving Cora receives a message on her 12th birthday from her friend, asking for her help with creating a time portal to prevent the tragedy

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Set Me Free

Ann Clare LeZotte

Three years after being kidnapping from her home in Martha's Vineyard, fourteen-year-old Mary Lambert receives a letter from Nora O'Neal, a servant in the house where she was held, who tells her of an eight-year-old girl where she is now employed whom Nora believes to be a deaf-mute, but who is being treated as insane, and asks Mary to come and teach the nameless child; a little scared, but intrigued, and bored with domestic life, Mary agrees--only to find that there is more to the child's story, and that freeing her from a world of silence and imprisonment may be more dangerous than anyone anticipated.

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Room to Dream

Kelly Yang

While visiting family in China, Mia Tang witnesses some of the big changes the country is going through, which makes her think about the changes in her own life that need to be dealt with.

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Jennifer A. Nielsen

Rescuing an injured British spy found hiding in her grandmother’s barn, Meg agrees to guide a family of German refugees across occupied France to Spain in exchange for her father’s freedom from a Nazi prison.

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R. J. Palacio

After his dad is taken away, Silas sets out with a mysterious pony on a dangerous journey across a vast American landscape to find him—a journey that will ultimately connect him with his past and future.

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Many Points of Me

Caroline Gertler

Georgia Rosenbloom's father was a famous artist. His most well-known paintings were a series of asterisms--patterns of stars. There was supposed to be a fourth asterism, but Georgia's father died before he could paint it. Then Georgia finds a sketch herfather made of her. One with pencil points marked on the back--just like those in the asterism paintings. Could this finally be the proof that the last painting would have been of her?

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Life in the Balance

Jen Petro-Roy

Practicing all of her life to earn a spot on the All-Star softball team, young Veronica explores other opportunities and hobbies when her mother’s rehabilitation expenses prevent her family from affording team fees.

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Brian Selznick

The award-winning creator of The Invention of Hugo Cabret presents the story of two people bound to each other through time and space, memory and dreams, as they try to solve a mystery of grief and love.

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Just Like That

Gary D. Schmidt

With insight and a light touch, best-selling, Newbery Honor'winning author Gary D. Schmidt tells two poignant, linked stories: that of a grieving girl and a boy trying to escape his violent past.


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Ground Zero

Alan Gratz

Brandon is visiting his dad on the 107th floor of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001 when the attack comes; Reshmina is a girl in Afghanistan who has grown up in the aftermath of that attack but dreams of peace, becoming a teacher and escaping her village and the narrow role that the Taliban believes is appropriate for women--both are struggling to survive, both changed forever by the events of 9/11.

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Gone to the Woods

Gary Paulsen

The three-time Newbery Honor-winning author of Hatchet shares the story of his turbulent childhood, his escape into military service and the life-changing impact of an encouraging librarian who handed him his first book

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The Lion of Mars

Jennifer L. Holm

Bell has spent his whole life--all eleven years of it--on Mars. But he's still just a regular kid--he loves cats and any kind of cake, and is curious about the secrets the adults in the US colony are keeping. Like, why don't they have contact with anyone on the other Mars colonies? Why are they so isolated? When a virus breaks out and the grown-ups all fall ill, Bell and the other children are the only ones who can help. It's up to Bell--a regular kid in a very different world--to uncover the truth and save his family...and possibly unite an entire planet.

Mars may be a world far, far away, but in the hands of Jennifer L. Holm, beloved and bestselling author of The Fourteenth Goldfish, it can't help but feel like home.

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Dead Wednesday

Jerry Spinelli

When the school assigns each eighth-grader the name of a teenager who died in the past year as a lesson in mortality, Worm Tarnauer, who thrives on being invisible, doesn’t count on Becca Finch, the 17-year-old car crash victim who changes everything

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Clues to the Universe

Christina Li

Told from their different points of view, aspiring rocket scientist Ro and introverted artist Benji become science class partners and unlikely friends, together setting out to build a rocket and search for Benji's long-lost father using clues in his favorite comic books series.

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Born Behind Bars

Padma Venkatraman

Growing up in prison because his mother is serving time for a crime she didn’t commit, Kabir is forced into the outside world and goes on the run in a place that cares little for homeless, low-cast children.

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The Beatryce Prophecy

Kate DiCamillo

When a mysterious child appears at the monastery of the Order of the Chronicles of Sorrowing, Brother Edik nurses her back to health, but when he uncovers her dangerous secret, she is sent away into the world with a goat and a boy.

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Amber and Clay

Laura Amy Schlitz

The Newbery Medal-winning author of Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! gives readers a virtuoso performance in verse in this profoundly original epic pitched just right for fans of poetry, history, mythology, and fantasy.

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All You Knead Is Love

Tanya Guerrero

Tanya Guerrero's All You Knead Is Love is a contemporary middle grade coming-of-age novel about a twelve-year-old multiracial Filipino and Spanish girl who goes to live with her grandmother for the summer, gaining confidence through a newly discovered passion for baking, perfect for fans of Hello, Universe and Merci Suarez Changes Gears.

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The Samurai Trilogy

  The Samurai Trilogy was one of Japan's most successful exports of the 1950s, a rousing, emotionally gripping tale of combat and self-discovery. Based on a novel that's often called Japan's Gone With the Wind, the sweeping saga fictionalizes the life of the legendary seventeenth-century swordsman, following him on his path from unruly youth to enlightened warrior.
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The Hidden Fortress = Kakushi-toride no san-akunin

A grand-scale adventure as only Akira Kurosawa could make one. A general charged with guarding his defeated clan's princess as the two smuggle royal treasure across hostile territory. Accompanying them are a pair of bumbling, conniving peasants who may or may not be their friends. This rip-roaring ride is among the director's most beloved films and was a primary influence on George Lucas's Star Wars. Delivers Kurosawa's trademark deft blend of wry humor, and breathtaking action.

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  A mysterious samurai arrives at the doorstep of his feudal lord, requesting an honorable death by ritual suicide in his courtyard. The lord threatens him with the brutal tale of Motome, a desperate young ronin who made a similar request with ulterior motives, only to meet a grisly end. Undaunted, the samurai begins to tell a story of his how, with an ending no one could see coming
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13 Assassins

  13 Assassins is centered around a group of elite samurai who are secretly enlisted to bring down a sadistic lord in order to prevent him from ascending to the throne and plunging the country into a war-torn future.
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  In this poetic and atmospheric horror fable, set in a village in war-torn medieval Japan, a malevolent spirit has been ripping out the throats of itinerant samurai. When a military hero is sent to dispatch the unseen force, he finds that he must struggle with his own personal demons as well.
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Satire in which a skillful but slovenly samurai comes to the aid of a group of naive young warriors fighting their corrupt clan leaders.

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Flavor Of Green Tea Over Rice

  One of the ineffably lovely domestic sagas made by Yasujiro Ozu at the height of his mastery, it is a subtly piercing portrait of a marriage coming quietly undone. Secrets and deceptions strain the already tenuous relationship of a childless, middle-aged couple, as the wife2s city-bred sophistication bumps up against the husband2s small-town simplicity, and a generational sea change, in the form of their headstrong, modern niece, sweeps over their household.
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La Dolce Vita

The biggest hit from the most popular Italian filmmaker of all time, the film rocketed Federico Fellini to international mainstream success, ironically, by offering a damning critique of the culture of stardom. A look at the darkness beneath the seductive lifestyles of Rome's rich and glamorous; the film follows a notorious celebrity journalist during a hectic week spent on the peripheries of the spotlight.

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Autumn sonata

Charlotte is a famous pianist who neglected her children while pursuing her career. She visits her now grown daughter, Eva, at her home and the mother and daughter spend a long and painful night together confronting the bitter discord of their relationship.

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Music Room

  Director Satyajit Ray brilliantly evokes the crumbling opulence of the world of a fallen aristocrat desperately clinging to his way of life. His greatest joy is the music room in which he has hosted lavish concerts over the years, now a shadow of its former vivid self. An incandescent depiction of the clash between tradition and modernity, and a showcase for some of India's most popular musicians of the day, The Music Room is a defining work by the great Bengali filmmaker.
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A Touch of Zen

  A fugitive noblewoman finds refuge in a remote village with a young painter, his mother, and Buddhist monks, but is soon discovered by a swordsman sent to find her.
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Finding Junie Kim

Ellen Oh

A tale based on true events follows the coming-of-age of a girl who is motivated by an act of racism at school to learn about her ancestral heritage and her grandparents’ experiences as lost children during the Korean War.

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The Elephant in the Room

Holly Goldberg Sloan

Missing her mother who has returned to Turkey to resolve an immigration problem, sixth-grader Sila welcomes a very large distraction in her life when she helps a surprising new friend rescue a circus elephant.

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The Anti-Book

A boy struggling with anger over his parents’ remarriages orders a mysterious blank book that invites him to write about the people he would make go away, before finding himself in a mysterious alternate world populated by strangely familiar beings.

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Amina's Song

Hena Khan

A companion to the award-winning Amina’s Voice finds Amina discouraged by the lack of interest her Greendale friends show in her visit to Pakistan before giving a class presentation about Malala Yousafzai.

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Megan E. Freeman

When twelve-year-old Maddie hatches a scheme for a secret sleepover, she ends up waking up to a nightmare. She's alone--left behind in a town that has been mysteriously evacuated and abandoned. With no one to rely on, no power, and no working phone lines or internet access, Maddie slowly learns to survive on her own. As months pass, she escapes natural disasters, looters, and wild animals. But Maddie's most formidable enemy is the crushing loneliness she faces every day

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Megan Wagner Lloyd

Hoping to adopt a pet to find a sense of belonging in her busy family, Maggie is disappointed to discover she is severely allergic to anything with fur and tries to find a pet to love anyway.

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Steve Henry

An easy-to-read book with fun characters, visual humor, and an important theme--the joy of helping others

Two friends, Mike, an elephant, and Pat, a fish in a fishbowl, are in a rowboat. While Mike naps, Pat jumps into the ocean, where he meets other fish. When a shark appears, Pat and his new fish friends are in trouble . . . until two chubby gray legs appear near the surface.

Mike lands on the shark and frightens the toothy fish away. Mike has a great time underwater until he realizes he is out of air. Now the fish help Mike.

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