Collection Type
Age Group
Adult Learner

This collection is intended for adults who need special materials in two major areas: Basic Literacy and English for Speakers of Other Languages. Basic Literacy provides tools for adult learners to read and write while English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) assists patrons to learn to speak English. Books and visual materials are available. Study guides that include citizenship information and test preparation are also available in these collections.

Art & Architecture

Your Library is home to a variety of paintings, posters, sculptures, mixed media, and photographs for your enjoyment. The Library galleries feature works of artistic and cultural interest and are often enhanced with talks given by the artists.

Art Collection

The Children's Rooms in the Northport-East Northport Public Library have a variety of art on display.

Asharoken Garden Club

This special collection, gathered by members of the Asharoken Garden Club, was gifted to the Library in 1999 for all Northport-East Northport community gardeners who wish to reap the garden lore and wisdom which has helped their gardens flourish. The garden club donates money annually to allow us to purchase additional books on gardening topics.


Life stories, books about renowned historical figures as well as current history-makers, and autobiographies are shelved as one collection in the biography sections of each library.

Board Books

These sturdy books with cardboard pages are designed for use by babies and toddlers and are located in special bookcases in the Children's Rooms in both buildings.


This county-wide resource was initially developed to support the nautical interests of the community. This extensive collection now provides boaters of all types with unique resources. Books covering purchasing, safety, navigation, construction, maintenance, and cruising are just some of the subjects featured in this collection.


Financial newsletters, magazines, handbooks, and directories are available in the Ray Freygang Business Center at the Northport Library.

Bygone Bestsellers

This fiction collection features works by authors who have made the headlines with books that have mass printings and vast readership. The Bygone Bestsellers are designated with labels indicating the year the fiction work made the New York Times Best Seller List.


Our Career Center is designed to assist patrons in preparing for a career and obtaining a job. Literature, audio-visual materials and computer programs are available to enhance one's search. A comprehensive collection of college selection and financial aid resources will assist those preparing for higher education. For further information please visit the Career Information page.


The Library’s collection of computer books covers levels of interest from novice computer users to aspiring programmers. Here you will find manuals with answers to software questions, handbooks which educate computer users about proper hardware use and maintenance, instructional guides on how to use specific programs, and books on the various social media platforms

Computer Software

A diverse collection of computer programs is installed on computers in both library buildings for use within the Library. 

Early Readers

This collection includes books for children just beginning to read.

Educator's Collection

This collection is designed for individuals working with children. Books, videos, and audiobooks which foster learning and early literacy are included, along with critical works about children's literature, storytelling guides, and handbooks. Books and materials which provide guidance in conducting developmentally appropriate activities are also part of this collection.

Enjoy Long Island

With each season, brochures and books are placed on special display for library users who wish to take advantage of Long Island's many tourist attractions, sporting events, historic sites, and cultural activities.


The fiction collection focuses on literature including contemporary fiction, classics, standard titles, diverse genres, and special interests.

Fiction Books

This collection includes imaginative narration and are primarily chapter books read by children in grades 2-6. Special spine labels are used to indicate genre such as science fiction, fantasy, historical fiction, and mystery.

George E. Beatty, Jr. Architectural Collection

A memorial collection named for Library architect George E. Beatty, Jr., and dedicated in 2002, this comprehensive collection of architectural works enhances our strong collection of resources in this field. The collection features books on American architecture, notable architects, professional standards, as well as architectural dictionaries and encyclopedias. This collection is housed in the Northport Library.

George E. Beatty, Jr. Architecture Collection

Dedicated in 2002 to the memory of Library architect Goerge E. Beatty, Jr., this collection compliments the Northport Library Art and Architecture Center with a focus toward American architecture, notable architects, professional standards, dictionaries and encyclopedias. 


Directories of hospitals and physicians; medical encyclopedias, dictionaries and handbooks; prescription and non-prescription drug resources; and disease and condition-specific books are included in this circulating and reference collection.

Holiday Books

Special collections of books with holiday themes are located in both buildings. The loan period for books included in these collections is 14 days in order to allow the most use to as many patrons as possible within the appropriate holiday season.

Large Print

The Large Print Collection includes fiction and non-fiction books published in a larger type size to assist patrons who have difficulty reading smaller print.

Literary Beacons

Authors of a wide variety of works have enriched our community's literary heritage. The Literary Beacons Collection recognizes published books of authors who are living in or have lived in the area served by the Library.

Little Books

Smaller picture books are located on special shelving in both buildings so they will not become lost in the regular collection.


The magazine collection includes a broad range of general interest titles for information and recreation. Magazines are an important source of new ideas, topics, and consumer information.

The media collection is comprised of materials in all non-book formats. Videos and DVDs serve the informational, educational, and recreational needs of children from preschool to elementary school. All videos in the Children’s Department are labeled with the film industry rating of G or NR. The media collection also includes music and audiobooks in cassette, CD, Playaway and downloadable format.

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The Mystery Collection includes whodunnits by classic authors such as Agatha Christie, Arthur Conan Doyle, Raymond Chandler, as well as contemporary crime creators such as Robert Parker, Sue Grafton, and P.D. James.

New Books

The New Book section houses the Library's most recent acquisitions of fiction and non-fiction books.


The Non-Fiction collection is comprised of factual books with an emphasis on timely, accurate, and useful materials to support individual and community interests.


The nonfiction collection is comprised of informational books with an emphasis on timely, accurate, and useful materials to support individual, school, and community interests. The books containing science experiments have been specially labeled.

Paperback Series

The paperback series collection is reserved for works of fiction in paperback format.


These books fit easily into your beach bag, your overnight bag, your bicycle basket.  Don’t leave the library without one.

Parent's Collection

This collection deals with parenting and child development concerns, prenatal through adolescent, consisting of books, videos, DVD's, audiobooks, magazines, and pamphlets. The Parents Collection is housed in the Children's Department in each building.


Periodicals for children, parents, and educators are housed in the Children's Department. They circulate for 28 days. The holdings in Northport and East Northport complement one another.

Picture Books

A picture book location is reserved for works of fiction in which illustrations play an integral part. Books in this collection are, for the most part, appropriate for preschool, kindergarten, and early elementary aged children.

Picture Books for Older Kids

A special location has been created for picture books which are written for older children.

Perfect for book discussion groups, there are currently multiple copies of more than 200 titles in the Pool Collection.  Groups may reserve titles in advance.  Available books arrive within four days.  For popular titles, flexibility is a must.

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Pop-Up Books

A display collection of pop-up books is located in each Library. Books in this collection are fragile and are reserved for in-house use only.

Prime Time

The Prime Time Collection includes reference and circulating books that deal with senior matters including eldercare, assisted living, Medicare, financial concerns, retirement, and housing.

Professional Collection

A special collection of books pertaining to library service is maintained for in-library use only.

Professional Items

Reference books and other materials about the business of libraries and librarians help us to continue to offer state-of-the-art libraries and library service.

Ray Freygang Business Center

The Northport Library's business collection is contained in The Ray Freygang Business Center. This collection is named in memory of community resident Ray Freygang, who was an active user of the Library's business resources. He willed part of his estate to the Library.


Reference collections are maintained in both Libraries to provide answers to a multitude of questions. Because these materials are non-circulating they are available to the public at all times.

Rex Brasher's Birds & Trees of North America

This twelve-volume set of hand-painted bird illustrations is number thirty-five of one hundred completed between 1929 and 1932 by Rex Brasher, one of the foremost bird artists of the twentieth century. It was donated to the Library by the Sidney Bevin family.

Rosemary Wells Collection

Located at the East Northport Library, this collection was created to honor the memory of Children's Librarian Jacqueline Herchenroder. It includes books and a signed print by the award-winning children's author and illustrator Rosemary Wells. Ms. Wells visited the Library in November, 1997, to dedicate the collection, and then returned to the Library in May, 1999, to dedicate her book Streets of Gold to Ms. Herchenroder's memory. The Library maintains a complete collection of Ms. Well's works.

Science Fiction & Fantasy

Imagination at its best, this collection consists of magic and monsters, interplanetary travel and the future. Spine labels highlight whether the book is in the realm of science fiction or fantasy.

Short Stories

Short fiction - both classic and contemporary tales - published in collections by one or several authors.

Short Stories

Anthologies of short stories are located in each building at the end of the Fiction collection.

Storytime Collection

This is a collection of books that our Librarians use in their storytime programs. These selected works are available for in-library use only.


The Travel Collection includes trip-planning tips organized by country, state, and region. Our up-to-date collection includes standards such as Fodor's and Frommers, as well as the "off the beaten path"